Helping do-gooders do good

Sure, it’s off the beaten path, but we believe in helping faith-based and non-profit groups optimize their philanthropic efforts. Mission work differs from other types of group travel because our clients typically venture to developing regions of countries-think Nepal or South Africa, for example—that pose particular challenges like unpredictable transportation, language barriers and potential health risks.

From finding the least expensive airfare (some airlines offer cheaper missionary rates) and recommending in-the-know travel doctors to helping you navigate international connections and time zone differences, we’ll guide you through every step so you can focus more on the volunteering at hand.

We charge a small fee for booking missionary groups—but we understand that staying on budget is your priority. That’s why our booking rates remain competitive within the industry (most travel agencies charge $25 per person).

Missionary booking rates

  • 1-10 passengers: $100
  • 11-20 passengers: $250
  • 20+ passengers: $400