Overview of Our Services

All Around The World

Planning travel can be a daunting task. Flight connections and accommodations are only half the battle. What if you have a question regarding inclusions at a particular property in Ecuador or Rome? Why not book your travel with agents that have been all around the world? Put our knowledge and resources to the test! We are here to take the hassle out of your travel plans.

The Best Unique Trips

We feel that every client is as unique as his/her travel plans should be. Our experienced agents work with you to understand your travel needs and help you put together a package that is right for you. We won’t sell you something you wouldn’t write home about or send you somewhere we wouldn’t go ourselves. We are here to help you create the story of a lifetime!

Missionary Travel

Helping do-gooders do good

Sure, it’s off the beaten path, but we believe in helping faith-based and non-profit groups optimize their philanthropic efforts. Mission work differs from other types of group travel because our clients typically venture to developing regions of countries—think Nepal or South Africa, for example—that pose particular challenges like unpredictable transportation, language barriers and potential health risks.

From finding the least expensive airfare (some airlines offer cheaper missionary rates) and recommending in-the-know travel doctors to helping you navigate international connections and time zone differences, we’ll guide you through every step so you can focus more on the volunteering at hand.

We charge a small fee for booking missionary groups—but we understand that staying on budget is your priority. That’s why our booking rates remain competitive within the industry (most travel agencies charge $25 per person).

Missionary booking rates

  • 1-10 passengers: $100
  • 11-20 passengers: $250
  • 20+ passengers: $400
“Why be alone when we can be together baby You can make my life worthwhile And I can make you start to smile”

Leisure Travel

Rest and Relaxation

Whatever your ideal getaway—be it sipping margaritas in Mexico or touring Napa Valley by bicycle—we’ll craft you a travel experience to remember. We’re pros at partnering with top-rated resorts and hotels, and we’ve got the clout to wrangle those hard-to-score rooms with the best views.

One of our most popular trips is a five- to seven-day stay at the legendary Sandals, a line of lux resorts that nestle up to 15 breathtaking beaches across the Caribbean, including Barbados, Saint Lucia, Jamaica and more. An all-inclusive package (meals, unlimited drinks, nightly performances and resort activities are included!), travelers love both the relaxation of residing near an emerald-hued ocean, but also the freedom to explore local hotspots via land excursions, such as zip-lining through tropical canopies, waterfall hiking tours and even horseback riding.

We’ll personalize your itinerary to suite your interests so you can get the most out of your hard earned vacation days.

Group Travel

“We go together…”

Tasked with coordinating this year’s family reunion? Assigned to arrange flights and hotels for a Little League sports team? Volunteered to plan your best friend’s Las Vegas-based bachelorette party? Oye! Don’t panic: First take a deep breath; then give us a call.

Finding flights, transportation, hotels, and room assignments for groups is a full-time job (not to mention your next migraine). Allow us to take over. Our meticulous travel experts are not only organizational masterminds, but also are geniuses at sleuthing out the best possible group rates—ultimately saving you more money.

We’ll recommend and book your daily activities, if desired—a service particularly appreciated by multigenerational travel groups because, let’s face it, your great aunt and your 25-year-old cousin likely have different interests and fitness levels. Plus, we’ll also make reservations for great local restaurants that can accommodate large groups.

Why be alone when we can be together baby? You can make my life worthwhile & I can make you start to smile.

Weddings & Honeymoons

Love is in the air

Fancy a cozy, romantic wedding that’s just for you and your future spouse? Or would you prefer a lavish affair with 200 of your closest friends and family?

Here’s a confession: We adore planning destination weddings!

Not only will we connect you with our tried-and-true venues and excellent wedding planners, but also we’ll ensure that your guests will arrive on time (and with their luggage in hand). We’re dedicated to making your dream wedding day as seamless as possible.

We’ve organized a lot of destination weddings in our day, so we’ve picked up a few practical tips, for example, how best to travel with your dress, how to prevent frizzy hair in tropical climates and more. (Other important wedding advice: Wear sunscreen if you plan to relax on the beach prior to your big day.)

Many couples opt to tack-on a honeymoon immediately after their wedding. (You’re already in paradise, after all.) We’ll take care of your accommodations, and any additional flights or activities. Care for a romantic, sunset dinner cruise? Or would you rather snorkel colorful coral reefs? Our area experts know the best tour operators and restaurants in the area.

We’ll help ignite your life together with a personalized wedding, and a beautiful honeymoon.

Corporate Travel

Taking care of business

Conventions. Merger meetings. Client visits.

Whatever your reasons for business travel, our experts will optimize your workflow by managing the unique travel needs for you and your team.

Increasingly more small- and-medium companies use our corporate travel program over an ongoing basis. For a baseline monthly fee, we’ll take care of flights, hotels, transportation, meeting places and more. Our rates vary based on the number of employees that will be traveling, company size and frequency of travel per month.

Give us a call to obtain a monthly quote.